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about us_

Who we are_

WE SIMPLY PLAY THE BEST HITS FROM AROUND THE WORLD We search all the hits from around the world and make the selection of the best hits. All the best chart songs from around Europe, Asia, Middle East and US. No boundaries for our team, we play Greek, Romanian, Swedish, Uk, US, French, German and Spanish Hits and more.


Star Radio's Online broadcast is DIFFERENT from any broadcast you have ever listened to on terrestrial radios. Nobody pays us to do what we do !!!

How do we provide you with the best Top 40 hits? No secrets; here's how:

We start by searching Planet Earth's Top 40s and then we make a selection of the Best International Hits to play them all for you on 1 radio. That's not all: Star Radio's broadcast is in CD Quality; our playlist is updated every week with new singles from US, UK, Canada, Australia and all over Europe.

​Star Radio has been created on the 23rd of March 2003; this website was launched on the 25th of April 2003. The idea came from 'DJ Brian' who was a former FM Radio DJ; he is the founder and the webmaster. Star Radio's boradcast director is DJ Alan (DJ Brian's brother). All other DJs are the founder's friends and colleagues who decided to join Star Radio as volunteers. Star Radio is a non-profit radio; our aim is to play music, have fun doing it and share it with our listeners. We ONLY play the Latest Hits and we do select them from All over the World and not just from one market (Pop, Dance, R&B, Rap, Rock, Latino, French, Greek, International...). By the sentence "We ONLY play the Latest Hits", we mean we don't play songs from the past (not older than 1 year).

Promote your music_

Here are the general terms and conditions of Star Radio for the good promotion of the artists/groups:

1- You send us by email or through an url address the FULL MP3 of your latest single (or the last 3 singles) or the single to be released.

2- You get a feedback from Star Radio; in this feedback, we will tell you which song(s) we have selected. This might take a week or so.

3- You send us by email the following 2 items:

  • a Biography of the singer/ group in English (15 lines max)

  • a picture of the artist/ group; this bio will be added on our website (as emerging artist – all year- and for one week on the home page).

  • an mp3 Id/Jingle (quality=128k) made by your artist/group or lead singer. In the Id/Jingle, you need to say: "Hi this is .....and you're listening to my/our latest single on Star Radio". On top of this Id, the artist is free to send us any other ones.

4- Win WIn situation: you would need to pass on the information through your website or social medias that your song is played on Star Radio with a link to our website/ player.

5- If all conditions were met, we add the biography to our website and we schedule your single on our broadcast; usually new artists on our broadcast get a heavy airplay during at least 4 weeks.

If you believe you can agree and can provide all that is required, then let us know, and start by sending us the full mp3s.

Once again, Star Radio is a non-profit radio; our aim is to play music, have fun doing it and share it with our listeners. If you wish to donate, we can provide you with a Paypal account (this is not mandatory).

Listen to us from around the world_

Here is the List of Countries already tuned to Star Radio


United States, Canada, Belgium, Sweden, France, Spain, Japan, United Kingdom, Mexico, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Estonia, People's Republic of China, Finland, Russia, Nigeria, Argentina, Netherlands, Hong Kong, India, Republic of Korea, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Portugal, Colombia, Vietnam, Algeria, Andorra, Pakistan, Tanzania, Jordan, Kuwait, Jamaica, Norway, Poland, Azerbaijan, Slovenia, Paraguay, Australia, Taiwan, Romania, Cyprus, Mauritius, Latvia, South Africa, Israel, Austria, Oman, Egypt, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Lebanon, Cayman Islands, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Guadeloupe, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Philippines, New Zealand, Venezuela, Peru, Morocco, Hungary, Chile, Bulgaria, El Salvador, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Uruguay, Ireland, Indonesia, Bolivia, Virgin Islands (USA), Mongolia, Lithuania. (if your country is not listed, be assured that it will be in the list on the next update of this page)​.

Streaming Links_

You can use these links on your website if you want to share with your friends or to promote Star Radio Official

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